Welcome to the site.
This site is dedicated to Batman and Wonder Woman's relationship. It mainly focuses on their interaction in the comic books, but videos showing their relationship in the DCAU are also available. A fanart section might be added soon. I created this site because I really love the couple and I hope you do also.

Updates to the site will be listed here:

04/22/11 - Added scans from JLA 80 Page Giant 2011 that reference Diana's feelings for Bruce here.

03/24/11 - Added scans from All New Batman: The Brave and The Bold #4 (Bruce and Diana have a wedding!), Batman Confidential, and Justice League: Generation Lost #22.

11/10/10 - Added scans to Batman: Return Of Bruce Wayne here. I think Diana's affections for Bruce shine through clearly in the scenes, though there's not too much.

10/28/10 - Added more scans to the Assorted section from Superman/Batman #76 and Bruce Wayne - Road Home: Oracle here. Hope you enjoy. I've added a video with scenes from JLA: Crisis on Two Earths to the Videos section. More moments are soon(ish) to follow.

10/25/10 - Changed the site format and added quite a bit. There's now more to love. The main change is that the video sections now contains moments in the DCAU between the two, instead of fanvids. The section is still a work in progress, however. I also added a scan from Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne here. Just a little moment, but I like how Bruce recognizes Diana's symbol. Scans from Batman: the Brave and the Bold #16 are on that page as well. Worth checking out for some cute banter between the two.

02/05/10 - Sorry it's taken me so long to update, but the scans for Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #3 are up now. (And believe me, they are so worth checking out. Not to get too spoilerly here, but let's just say that the love of Diana's life is revealed within them and it's exactly who you always knew it would be.) Go here and scroll down to see the new additions.
It's also worth telling you guys (and girls) that a new site layout will probably be coming as soon as I have time. Any suggestions?

01/06/10 - Guess it's been a while since the last update. But I definitely have something to make that up for you guys. Scans from Batman: Widening Gyre and Blackest Night: Wonder Woman are now up. Just scroll down on the pages to see the new additions. And let me tell you, BN: WW has a scan you're gonna like really like. I mean, really like.

07/25/09 - Added scans from two comics; a cute albeit incredibly sexist moment from JLA v1 044 and a heart-breaking/warming moment where Diana mourns Bruce's death with Supes and the Batfamily from Batman 687.

05/05/09 - I made a lot of changes a while ago, but am only listing them now. All scans are now available from the gallery page.
Added scans from JLA 31, Batman: Brave and the Bold 2, and The Dark Knight Returns. I also moved the Superwoman/Owlman scans to the second page of Elseworlds and added a Pre-Crisis page.

03/06/09 - Finished redoing the site. Finally! Everything should look nicer now and, more importantly, NEW scans have been added in every category but Elseworlds. Since I entered the scans while editing the site, the issues are not always at the bottom of the page. Just hunt around a little and you should be able to find them. I also added scans to issues that were already posted. The photo uploader I used formerly sometimes didn't want to upload all my scans. However, all the scans are up now. Except. I still haven't prepared The Brave and The Bold scans, unfortunately, but hopefully there's enough new stuff to keep you guys occupied for a while. Let's keep the B&B for a rainy day, okay? :]

02/19/09 - Am in the process of editing the site, so if it looks weird for a while, keep in mind that the changes are temporary.

02/04/09 - Don't have the Brave and the Bold scans ready yet, but I do have ones from Trinity 36, just out this week. Nothing too special, basically just a redo of Infinite Crisis. But there is one good moment between the two in the last scan, so check it out under Assorted.

01/19/09 - Added scans to JLA, Wonder Woman, and Assorted. Manhunter #28 and JLA Annual #2 don't show anything romantic/friendly between the two explicitly, but they do show how well the two work as a team. Manhunter #6 has a cute, but very short moment between the two. WW #161, however, is definitely worth checking out, because it reveals how much Bruce trusts Diana. Definitely an awww moment. Coming Soon: The Brave and the Bold

01/09/09 - Published Site